Continuing the legacy of the industry-leading Eclipse MicroPen and MicroPen Elite, the MicroPen EVO™ is here. With FDA Class II device clearance, the MicroPen EVO is the evolution of microneedling.

New 44mL Kit

Eclipse PRP® is now available in a 44mL kit, doubling the potential amount of PRP from our 22mL tube.
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Eclipse is an industry-leading medical technology company serving physician practices across the globe, delivering the most innovative, advanced, and cost-effective medical technologies. Our mission is to exist to make products that exceed patient expectations and put immediate profit into our customers’ practices. We do that by bringing high-efficacy, affordable technologies to our partners across the globe.

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Nancy Samolitis, MD, FAAD

“I’ve been working with Eclipse for several years now and I’ve really seen them grow. The customer service, of course, is fantastic and I hear there are a lot of exciting things in the future.”


Our Products

Eclipse Easy Spin Centrifuge and PRP tubes

Eclipse PRP System

A simple system for collecting a high concentration of platelets without inflammatory red and white blood cells.

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MicroPen EVO and Decontamination Chamber

MicroPen EVO

An advanced, medical-grade automated microneedling device for the treatment of facial acne scars.

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Discover the power of pulse wave therapy for wellness.

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Eclipse Votesse

An advanced system to enhance the revenue of your in-office treatments with an at-home program to improve hair health.

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Why choose Eclipse PRP?

  • High Concentration: 80% (+/- 9%) platelet yield plus customizable concentrations up to 4.5x in 3cc of PRP
  • Low Inflammation: Eliminates nearly 100% of red blood cells and 95% of white blood cells
  • Safe & Autologous: FDA Cleared 510(k) Class II medical device (BK110035) non-pyrogenic – sterile – closed system
  • Simple, Quick, and Predictable: Small blood draw, easy to use, reproducible collection process
  • Comfortable: Proprietary MNC7 anti-coagulant produces physiologic pH
  • Trusted Quality and Safety: Over 800,000 patient cases since 2013

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Dr. Candace Spann

“What I love about Eclipse PRP is that it is hands down the easiest PRP system to use.”


About Eclipse

Eclipse was established in January 1993 as a specialty surgical supply company and has quickly become a pioneer in the aesthetic devices and products market, launching several energy-based devices to the domestic and international medical and aesthetic communities. Over 27 years later, Eclipse is one of the largest and most successful privately held medical device companies in its space with a global presence. Eclipse, its leadership, and its network of partners and providers is committed to delivering medical solutions that exceed patient expectations and create profitability for physician practices.

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